We have developed the following products
Bossnet is a B2B matchmaking platform, dedicated to helping companies in finding their next client or supplier. Companies can showcase their offerings, engage in digital pitches, converse with decision-makers, and forge deals through our platform. Our proprietary AI and extensive company dataset power the recommendation engine, ensuring a tailored and personalised recommendation.
Next Best Actions System
Next Best Action system helps companies to create one on one conversation with their customers . By predicting customer needs and personalising individual conversations, Next Best Action is one of our most successful product.
Our clients have enjoyed impressive return on investment up to 20X. If you want a game changing AI tool to transform how you interact with your customer, this is for you!
Company Mega Graph
Company Mega Graph is the largest consolidated company knowledge graph. From small SMEs to large public companies, our graph covers all the business landscape. We have developed a unique data acquisition pipeline and model complex business relationships. Our graph will give you Financial results, expertise, marketing strategy, growth, digital footprint, news and more.
This unique Knowledge Graph is suitable for many use-cases: Investment, Private equity, Venture capital, marketing, sales, insurance, pharmaceutical, governments and more.
We have create proprietary tools to collect and transform and consolidate data at scale. Our web-scraping capabilities are truly next level. If you need to collect data at scale, we can help you to do it fast and cost efficiently. Please contact us if you need a custom data feed.